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Trump advances dangerous disinformation campaign as more states move to restrict the vote

(CNN)Donald Trump’s speech before the North Carolina Republican Party Saturday night was a reminder of the danger the former President poses as he undermines America’s election system while attempting to reassert himself as kingmaker on the national stage. His address to the party faithful was a familiar screed to anyone who tuned in to his 2020 campaign rallies. He attacked …


Biden promises ‘once-in-a-generation’ investment during pitch for $2 trillion infrastructure and climate plan

(CNN)President Joe Biden unveiled a roughly $2 trillion jobs proposal focused on infrastructure and the climate crisis in a speech in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, stressing his support of labor unions and his hope the investment would lift the middle class.The President’s next major legislative push, the American Jobs Plan, would heavily invest in rebuilding the …


Hollywood’s Ugliest Divorces

Credit: Michael A Mariant/AP/Shutterstock Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes The couple, who divorced in July 2012, reportedly couldn’t see eye-to-eye on whether to raise their daughter Suri with Scientology parenting. The former Dawson’s Creek star was raised Catholic but converted to the religion after marrying Cruise in 2005. “She wants to be in charge of how Suri is …