For our favorite celebs, looking and feeling good is all part of the job. Especially when those wrinkles come out to play. But what did these stars look like before they aged so gracefully? Get ready, because these celebs looked like totally different people back in their youth!

Before Morgan Freeman Became Hollywood’s Wisest Actor

Before taking on the voice of God in Bruce Almighty or making memorable appearances in The Dark Knight trilogy, Morgan Freeman showed off his many talents. During the 60s, he spent the majority of his time touring with a musical group as his acting career hadn’t yet taken off.

Up until age 57, Freeman had only found himself in minor movie roles. His role as Red in The Shawshank Redemption in 1990 was his first time in the spotlight, and clearly, he blew all of Hollywood away. If there’s one takeaway from this admirable actor’s journey, it’s to never give up on your dream, no matter what age.

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Susan Sarandon Never Stopped Proving Herself

Being the oldest of nine children, Susan Sarandon had endless responsibilities to attend to before she could follow her dream of being an actress. After graduating from college, she landed her breakthrough role in the soap opera The Rocky Horror Show in 1975, but still had a lot to prove.

But the actress wanted to do more than just be a soap opera star, so she kept improving her acting skills, and eventually tackled her more memorable roles in The Witches of EastwickThelma and Louise, and many other films. Sarandon has built quite a name for herself and can still be seen on the big screen present day.Advertisement

Alec Baldwin Took on Broadway First

It seems like anytime you flip through the channels on the TV, one of Alec Baldwin’s movies is bound to come on. But before his film career took off, the actor was an extremely handsome Broadway star, when he appeared in Loot in 1986. Next came his brief TV series career, when he starred in Doctors and Knots Landing.

Once Baldwin hit age 30, that’s when he indeed became a Hollywood icon, making his movie debut in Forever Lulu. From there, everything else pretty much took off, as he went on to star in The Hunt for Red October, It’s Complicated, The Departed, and many other films, plus his unforgettable performances on Saturday Night Live.Advertisement

Before Meryl Streep Became the Best Actress of Her Generation

We all know how amazing of an actress Meryl Streep is, but did you know she’s also an Ivy League graduate? Before getting into the film industry, the actress graduated from Yale and then started her as a stage actress. Next came her Emmy-winning role in Julia, which was the jumpstart to her successful career.

In recent years, Streep has made show-stopping performances in Mamma Mia, The Devil Wears Prada, Little Women, and more. Even in her 70s, this actress is truly unstoppable and plans to continue doing what she loves for as long as she possibly can. After all, she did earn her title as one of the best actresses of her generation.

Ricky Gervais Was a Wannabe Pop Star

Well before he took the Golden Globes’ stage or sat in his cubicle in The Office, Ricky Gervais was a part of a new wave pop band with his good friend Bill Macrae, while he was studying at UCLA. He followed his short-lived career as a pop star by trying to build a career in radio podcasts until he turned 40 and started down a new path.

Clearly turning 40 isn’t bad for everyone, as this was when Gervais landed his role as David Brent in the British series, The Office. And essentially, the rest was history. We now count on this British to keep us on the edge of our seats during the Golden Globes, when he’s not starring in movies on the big screen.