A good rule of thumb for posting anything online is to never post anything when you’re mad, something you wouldn’t say in front of your grandmother, and any photo that looks… questionable. But sometimes people don’t give the photo the extra three seconds it needs for them to figure out if they should post it or not and we get these gems.

These people are out here stunting for social media and it’s all kinds of cringe. So buckle in and make sure your hand is at the ready because you’re going to be doing some major facepalming at these.

Bae Caught Me Slippin In My Mirror Selfie Game

This ‘bae caught me slippin’ is almost too perfect to exist. We truly don’t deserve these people and all the hard work they put into making us smile. She outdid herself with the caption too, which reads, “Lol bae caught me slippin. Love him. Goodnight from us.” Goodnight you two.

bae slip
Photo Credit: bigblack / Reddit

The Commuter Who Had To Fight Imaginary Traffic

Don’t you just hate traffic? It’s so slow and congested and all the other cars block out the good selfie lighting. We can relate to this commuter who was so done with the mass of invisible cars surrounding her. What a #mondaymood amirite?

traffic car
Photo Credit: DarkenValkyrie902 / Imgur