A Little Before and After

Before getting started on the Kardashian butt journey, let’s take a look at a before and after picture. The photo on the left was taken when Kim first landed on the scene in 2007, while the photo on the right was taken in 2014. Notice the drastic difference in size and shape. As mentioned earlier, Kim credits her butt to her Armenian heritage and hard work in the gym. The photo on the left shows a more natural looking butt that could definitely be natural and/or a result of squats. However, the size of her butt in the photo on the right is too disproportionate to her leg size and if in fact she built that butt in the gym, her legs would be built too – which they’re not.

OMG, Becky. Look at that Butt!

Just the look on the woman’s face in the background of this photo taken in June of 2015 says it all. Look at that big butt! It’s so big. It’s just so out there. Donning a skintight light grey dress, Kim’s butt literally looks like it’s not even a part of her body. While her legs are rather thin and toned, her booty is absolutely massive – indicating she’s definitely had too much work on it done.

Booty Bump

The photo above was taken in August 2015 when Kim and Kanye attended the MTV Video Music Awards show. Although Kim is very pregnant in the photo – it’s still her butt that is stealing the spotlight, since it’s actually bigger than her baby bump. Wearing a long sleeve dress with a thigh-high cut and a laced up deep, deep v-neck, Kim Kardashian West is never one to tone down her sexy look even during pregnancy.

Ms. New Booty

This most recent picture of Kim was taken in April 2016 when she was spotted in Miami wearing an all white skin-tight outfit that emphasized her massive butt. To this day, Kim still claims her booty is all natural; however, given the extreme growth of her derriere over the years as seen in the previous photos and the disproportion of her butt to the rest of her body, we have to disagree. Kim should just come clean about her plastic surgery, because at the end of the day, real or fake, it doesn’t matter as long as she’s happy – but we still want her to be honest about it.