People aren’t as unique as they want to believe. Nearly all of us have been in a situation where we’re walking around town and we spot someone who looks exactly like a friend of ours. Or even us. It’s a very peculiar feeling to realize that we’re not alone. That there’s at least one person out there who is our copy. Our twin. Our doppelganger.

Do you know what’s awesome? Looking just like a celebrity. Plenty of other people think so, which is why they became part of the ‘Same de la Same’ Instagram community that is dedicated to sharing celebrity look-alike photos with the entire world. We’ve picked out some of the best side by side comparison photos, so upvote the ones that left an impression, and share this post with your pals to see whether they notice the photos are of famous doppelgangers and not the celebrities themselves. And let us know in the comments what popular celebrity your friends think you look like (for example, some of my pals think I look a bit like Keanu Reeves).

Bored Panda interviewed ‘Same de la Same’s’ creator Freddy Slivinski to learn more about the community of celebrity doppelgangers. Make sure to scroll down for our full in-depth interview with him.

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Look-Alike And Shakira

“The public that decides to follow me, values me for the work I do in the stage. They value the singing and the professional dance I perform, but on the day to day they know that I am still Rebeca Maiellano, a Venezuelan singer and impersonator” 


Look-Alike And Bryan Cranston / Walter White

“I’ve been Heisenberg look-alike since 2015. I’ve met Bryan Cranston twice, I was mistaken for him in Albuquerque and got featured on the local news channel. At comic con I sometimes get celebrities who want to be photographed with me” 


Look-Alike And Kim Jong Un

“Looking like an a**hole has been one of the best things that have happened to me. People shock and horrified for the first 10 seconds then usually laughter. However some people never move to the second phrase.”

31-year-old Freddy told Bored Panda that he was born in Uruguay, but moved to Israel when he was 14. He got married a month ago and works as a copywriter. “I love to think about cool and different ideas and to create new things. I wanted to create an Instagram page that everyone in the world would know about and to make it one of the biggest communities.”#4 


Look-Alike And Kate Moss

“There is only one Kate Moss but it’s a pleasure to be her lookalike. I keep busy travelling working for brands, modelling, promotions, events…life is an adventure” 


Look-Alike And Simon Cowell

“I was spotted at The Isle of wight festival in the VIP area and someone mentioned the likeness. Since then had a privilege to work with Simon on 3 occasions, also enjoy being able to help so many worthy charities since this started” 


Look-Alike And Katy Perry

“It’s such a compliment to be compared to Katy. I have always been such a big fan of her so it definitely gives me confidence to be compared to someone I look up to”

“I thought a lot about different ideas for different pages and suddenly I remember a game that I used to play with my twin brother that we loved to play. The game was to look at people on the street, mall, beach, or elsewhere and find famous people that looks like him. A strange game, but it was fun,” Freddy explained how the idea for ‘Same de la Same’ came to him.

“When I remembered this game, I decided to create a page, a community of ‘real people’ that look like celebrities, singers, actors, athletes, politicians, and other famous people. When I created the page, I discovered these people’s amazing and cool stories.”#7 


Look-Alike And Tom Cruise

“I’ve been doing this for 9 years now. It’s been an awesome journey. I do this full time as a job. People really love to take photos with me, even though they know I’m the young version. The nostalgia is a strong feeling, it brings people back in the 80s” 


Look-Alike And Elton John

“It’s great fun, a lot of people do a double take which is always funny and appreciated. I was at Elton’s concert in Leicester UK a couple of years ago and of course I dressed as Elton and got mobbed by people all night and even had to sign a few autographs” 


Look-Alike And Meghan Markle

“I’m currently a flight attendant and ever since she was on Suits people would tell me I look like her. When she married Prince Harry it intensified. People stare at me and smile a lot, they stop and tell me that I look like the new Princess Meghan Markle”

Freddy continued to reveal what he learned about these celebrity lookalikes: “I discovered the amazing life of lookalikes. They live like stars, like rock stars: they act in commercials, sing on shows, go on TV programs, they make money just because of this. They are like famous celebrities, and only because they look like them. So I decided that I want everyone in the world to know about their amazing stories. I want to bring these amazing stories to the entire world.”

When asked by Bored Panda how many doppelgangers he thinks we all have on Planet Earth, Freddy replied that there’s ‘at least’ 1 person out there somewhere who is almost our carbon copy: “I’m sure that everyone has a doppelganger and that everyone can find some resemblance with a celebrity or a famous person.”#10 


Look-Alike And Robbie Williams

“I’ve been turning heads for the best part of two decades now and you’ll always hear a random shout of, “Robbie!” whether it be in an airport, supermarket or pub! I’ve met RW himself, he’s always been super cool and supportive and we just ended up chatting about football” 


Look-Alike And Daniel Craig / Agent 007

“It’s great being mistaken for James Bond. I get stopped in the street nearly every time I go out. I have people wanting their photo taken with me. I’ve even had some believing I was him. I love it and will never get fed up with it” 


Look-Alike And Angelina Jolie

“Every time I get the comparison, whether it’s at work, running an errand or online, it’s very flattering but also hard for me to believe. I think she is absolutely gorgeous and never thought of myself in that respect”

Ironically, Freddy and his friends don’t know what celebrity he resembles. But he hasn’t given up hope and knows they’ll find someone sooner or later: “When that happens, I hope they will find some handsome and cool celebrity.”

Freddy also loves the idea of events where people compete to see who looks, acts, and sounds most like a particular celebrity. “It sounds like so much fun!”#13 


Look-Alike And Benedict Cumberbatch

Over the years people have said that I look like Benedict, but I thought nothing of it. Then I cosplayed Dr Strange at a Comic-Con and couldn’t walk anywhere without being stopped for photos!